The following 10 entries from France, Australia, Canada, Spain and the USA were awarded honorable mentions by the LA+ ICONOCLAST jury. These entries will be published in full in the Fall 2019 issue of LA+ Journal, along with interviews with each of the jury members and a selection of notable entries making up a compelling and diverse Salon des Refusés.

A. Fionn Byrne | Vancouver, Canada

B. Félix de Rosen, Manolo Larrosa + Mariana Mañón | MFM ­– California, USA

C. Martin Garcia Perez | A Coruna, Spain

D. OPEN SYSTEMS/Landscape Infrastructure LabBoston, USA

E. Nadège Lachassagne + Iwan Burgaud | D-503 – Paris, France

F. Chris Bennett, Conor O'Shea + Nilay Mistry | Doppelgangers – Chicago, USA

G. Gandong Cai + Mingjie Cai | Cambridge, USA

H. Sue Choi, James Halliwell + Dustin Toothman | Cowboy Space – Tennessee, USA

I. Ben Hardy-Clements + Joshua Gowers | GH-C – Sydney, Australia

J. Alexandre Guilbeault + David Giraldeau | PARA-SOL – Montréal, Canada

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