Published: Fall 2015

LA+ PLEASURE explores how we design cities, landscapes and products for many reasons but as much as anything we do so for pleasure. From the new horizons of global tourism to the design of your local park, from the acceptable to the illicit, this issue of LA+ charts the economy, psychology, and spatiality of pleasure. This issue includes contributions drawn from disciplines as diverse as neuroscience, philosophy, visual arts, geography, landscape architecture, aesthetics, planning, architecture, marketing, tourism, urban studies, cultural studies, historic preservation, archaeology, and history.

Tatum L. Hands
Lisa Shapiro
Morten Kringelbach + 
Annie Cattrell
Ray Laurence
Mark Kingwell
Randall Mason
Josephine Kane
Stefan Al
Jeff Jones
Magdalena Sabat
Ellen Neises

Phoebe Lickwar +
Thomas Oles
C . Michael Hall +
Joerg Finsterwalder +
Yael Ram
Paul Daniel Marriott
Scott Jennings Melbourne
Adrianne Wilson Joergensen
Mark Raggatt
Richard Campanella

“What is Pleasure?”
“An Architecture of Pleasure and Pain”

“Bread and Circuses”
“Urban Pleasures”
“Notes on a City Built for Pleasure”
“Dream City”
“The Evolving Architecture of Pleasure”
“In Conversation with Jerry Van Eyck”
“Pleasure Pit”
“Spatial Regulation of the Sex Industry in New York City”
“Pleasure Craft”
“Why So Serious, Landscape Architect”

“Shaping, Experiencing, and Escaping the Tourist City”

“The Pleasure Drive”
“Resort Urbanism”
“The Edge of Pleasure”
“The Air We Breathe”
“In Conversation with Vladmir Sitta”
“Pleasure Atlas”

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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Chieh Huang
Matthew Wiener
Allison Koll

Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Chieh Huang
Cricket Day
Richard Fisher 

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