LA+ (Landscape Architecture Plus) is an award-winning interdisciplinary journal produced by the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design. LA+ explores landscape architecture's interdisciplinary potential, bringing readers a rich collection of contemporary thinkers and designers in two lavishly illustrated issues annually. Within our pages you hear not only from designers, but also from historians, artists, geographers, psychologists, ecologists, planners, scientists, philosophers, and many more. Our aim is to reveal connections and build collaborations between landscape architecture and other disciplines by exploring each issue’s theme from multiple perspectives.

LA+ is a high-quality, full-color print and digital journal. Each issue features an original theme sketch by Laurie Olin. 

Editor in Chief

Dr. Tatum L. Hands

Creative Director

Prof. Richard Weller

Production Coordinator

Colin Curley

Editorial Assistant

Aaron Stone

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