Published: Spring 2016

LA+ TYRANNY explores the many forms of tyranny, from the rigid barriers of military zones to the subtle ways in which landscape is used to ‘naturalize’ power. What are these forms and how do they function at different scales, in different cultures, and at different times in history? This issue asked contributors to consider how politics, ideology, and technology manifest in our landscapes and cities in ways that either advance or restrict individual and collective liberty. The result is a compelling collection of essays from an impressive list of contributors including geographers, historians, urbanists, sociologist, architects, and landscape architects Christopher Marcinkoski, Casey Brown and Nick Pevzner.

Tatum L. Hands
Steve Basson
Matthew Gandy
Chang-tai Hung
Erik Swyngedouw
Mona Abaza
Jesse Krimes
Rodrigo Firmino
Hasan Elahi
Stephen Graham
Fionn Byrne
Patrizia Violi
Nick Pevzner
Jim Kennedy
Casey Lance Brown

Richard Weller

“Blood on the Square”
“The Glare of Modernity”
“Tiannemen Square”
“ Velvet Violence of Insurgent Architects”
“Memory and Erasure”
“ Apokaluptein 16389067:II”
“Connected and Controlled”
“Thousand Little Brothers”
“ Countergeographies”
“Operational Environment” 
“Trees and Memories of Rwanda”
“Emergency Landscapes”
“The Rise of Statelesss Space”
“Tyranny and Speculative Urbanism”

“The Innocent Image”  


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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Katie Black
Allison Koll
Matthew Wiener

Tatum L. Hands
Katie Black
Hannah Davis
Nate Wooten
Nick McClintock

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