Published: Fall 2016

LA+ SIMULATION addresses how recent technologies have changed how we understand the nature of nature. From Plato’s Cave to Baudrillard’s “Simulacrum,” simulations were historically understood as counterfeits or facsimiles and were based on the distinction between a model and its copy. Simulations remain central to mediations between reality and its representation; however, the latest forms of simulation—whether genetic manipulation or computer modeling—are not seen as impediments to truth and knowledge but as tools to uncover the complexities of nature. This issue includes a diverse list of contributors who critically investigate the theme through a myriad of lenses including biology, computer sciences, engineering, environmental science, industrial design, philosophy, planning, among other fields. LA+ SIMULATION is guest edited by Karen M’Closkey and Keith VanDerSys.

Karen M’Closkey + 
Keith VanDerSys
Gideon Fink Shapiro
Paul N. Edwards
Michael F. Allen

Dana Tomlin
Michael Batty
Etienne S. Benson
Jillian Walliss +
Heike Rahmann
Mark Nystrom
Christophe Girot +
Phillipp R.W. Urech 
Eduardo Rico +
Enriqueta Llabres Valls
Karen M’CLoskey +
Keith VanDerSys
Bradley Cantrell
Robert Gerard Pietrusko
Claudia Pasquero +
Marco Poletto
Oron Catts +
Ionatt Zurr

Pablo Schyfter


“Simulation and Landscape Fiction”
“Control Earth”
“If You Want to Understand Nature,
  Stick Your Head in the Sand!”
“Wondering about Wandering”
“Simulating Flows in the Urban Landscape”
“Movement Ecology and the Minimal Animal”
“In Conversation with Eric WInsberg” 
“The Experimental Nature of Simulation”

“Wind Drawing”
“Simulation as Model” 

“Interacting with Simulations”

“Testing the Waters”

“The Surface of Data”
“In Conversation with Koert Van Mensvoort”
“Cyber-Gardening the City”
“Keep it Warm! Incubators as Simulators”

“A Nature with their Nature”


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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
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Karen M’Closkey
Keith VanDerSys  
Colin Curley
Ya You
Zhangkan Zhou


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