Published: Fall 2017

LA+ RISK explores risk as the engine of art and innovation. Complicating the risks inherent in every act of environmental design are two now dominant threats to humanity: climate change and social inequality, both of which are expected to make Earth a more volatile, dystopian planet. Risk reduction—under the rubric of resilience—is the new paradigm for landscape architecture and urbanism. This issue invites contributors to consider the relationship between design and the evolving landscape of risk; to explore the ways in which risk shapes our behavior and impacts our experiences of designed environments. LA+ RISK is edited by Tatum Hands, Billy Fleming, and Richard Weller.

Tatum L. Hands +
Billy Fleming +
Richard Weller
Mark Kingwell
Andrew Zolli
Richard Weller
Kristina HIll

Catherine Seavitt +
Guy Nordenson
Billy Fleming
Joshua Seyfried
Robert Olshansky
Jon Coaffee +
Jonathan Clarke
Jacky Bowring
Bernard Spiegal
Mark Alan Hughes +
Cornelia Colijn +
Oscar Serpell
Allison Lassiter
Matthew Waltner-Toews
+ David Waltner-Toews
Thomas Oles +
Phoebe Lickwar
Billy Fleming


“The Politics of Risk”
“Toward a Transparent Planet”
“Acts of Gods: [Geo]engineering Risk”
“Risk, Uncertainty, and the Inveitability of Rapid
  Sea Level Rise”
“Retrench/Rise Up”

“America’s Petrochemical Garden”
“In Conversation with Stephen Kieren + James Timberlake”
“Living with Risk”
“Resilient Urbanism 2.0”

“Extreme Landscapes: A 21st-Century Sublime”
“No Risk, No Play”
“Managing RIsk in the Energyshed”

“Fluxes of Risk”
“Designed for Disease?
  An Ecosystem Approach to Infectious Disease”
“What Doesn’t Kill You”

“In Conversation with Matthius Bouw”

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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Colin Curley
Allison Koll
Colin Curley
Billy Fleming

Billy Fleming
Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Clay Gruber
Elvis Wong
Sean McKay
Wesley Chiang


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