Published: Spring 2018

Paradisiacal, utopian, dystopian, heterotopian – islands hold an especially enigmatic and beguiling place in our imagination. Issue 07 of LA+ Journal brings you the results of the LA+ IMAGINATION open international design ideas competition, in which we asked designers to create a new island. In addition to showcasing the winners and other interesting, unusual, or surprising entries, LA+ IMAGINATION features interviews with jurors James Corner, Richard Weller, Marion Weiss, Javier Arpa, Matthew Gandy, and Mark Kingwell. (Check out our new LA+ design competition LA+ ICONOCLAST - see link on page left.)

Tatum L. Hands


Winning Entries

Honorable Mentions


Richard Weller
Marion Weiss
Mark Kingwell
Javier Arpa
Matthew Gandy
James Corner

Jacky Bowring
Tei Carpenter + Arianna Deane + Ashley Kuo
Bradley Cantrell + Fionn Byrne + Emma Mendel
Neeraj Bhatia + Cesar Lopez + Jeremy Jacinth
Noël Schardt + Björn Münder

Marshall Blecher + Magnus Maarbjerg
Jake Boswell + Marty Koelsch
Nadège Lachassgne + Iwan Burgaud
Joseph Henry Kennedy Jr
Ting Liang + Elizabeth Savrann
Justin Parscher + Jake Boswell
James Trevers
Eric Wong
Thomas Yuan
Alexandra Zahn

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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Colin Curley
Allison Koll

Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Zhexuan Liao
Prakul Reddy Pottapu


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