Published: Fall 2018

TIME is ticking. That's what it does. Or at least that's how we represent what we don't understand. For physics, time is a byproduct of so called space-time, elastic goo created at the very moment that something came from nothing; the moment eternity stopped and the universe began. For geology, time is 4.5 billion years of compression and catastrophe. For biology, time is 3.5 billion years of diversification and now the urgency of the sixth extinction. For anthropology, time is 150 thousand years since mitochondrial Eve walked out of the rift valley in Ethiopia. For historians, time begins with Herodotus (484 BC) and ends, or rather doesn't, with Fukuyama’s The End of History. For architecture, time is ruination. For landscape architecture, time is ephemerality, entropy, and growth. For all of us time is running out. LA+ TIME explores time through the disciplinary lenses of anthropology, art, history, philosophy, ecology, landscape architecture, and architecture.


Tatum L. Hands +
Richard Weller
Mark Kingwell
Tim Ingold
Rodrigo de la O +
David Escudero

Ann Marie Schneider
Noël van Dooren
Valerio Morabito
Fiona Harrisson +
Marian Macken

James Nisbet
Daniel Rosenberg
Mark Raggatt
Jock GIlbert
Steward Pickett
Mark Eischeid
Emma Sheppard-
Casey Lance Brown
Erle C. Ellis
Kathryn Gleason +
Christophe Girot +
Sonja Dümpelmann


“Prisoners of Time”
“Doing Time: The Art of Tehching Hseih”
“Territorializing Memory”

“Designing Dialectical Landscape”
“Time for Time”
“The Consistency of Time”
“Performing Drawing in Time”

“Phase Shift: On Site-Specific Art in a Changing Environment”
“Date, Painting”
“Time, Trains, and Truth”
“The Circle of Time”
“Three Kinds of Time in Ecological Science”
“Color= Space + Time”
“The Time and Space to Die”

“First in Time/First in Line”
“Time in Our Hands: Co-Designing a Better Anthropocene” “The Timekeepers”

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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Colin Curley
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Colin Curley

Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Sofia Nikolaidou
Naeem Shahrestani

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