Published: Spring 2019

From the stone blade and the fire stick to the latest algorithms of genetic code, we shape our world through the act of design. With its roots in the Renaissance notion disegno, design is the ability not only to make something, but also to conceive of its invention and reflect on its meaning. Whether we valorize it as the democratization of design or critique it as the perversion of the commodity fetish, designed things are now ubiquitous. Not only things but entire systems must now be designed and objects reconceived and redesigned as mere moments in unfathomably complex ecological flows. The planet itself, and even space beyond, is now presented as a design problem.

What does landscape architecture bring to the broader culture of design? What lessons can be learned from other disciplines at the cutting edge of design? What role does design play in a time of transformative technological change? In LA+ DESIGN we move beyond the designed outcome to explore the myths, methods, meanings, and futures of design.


Tatum L. Hands +
Richard Weller
Adrian Bejan
Javier Arpa
Colleen Macklin
Daniel Pittman
David Salomon
Claudia Bode +
Lizzie Yarina

Colin Curley
Thomas Jacobsen
Christoper Marcinkoski
Keith Murphy
Dane Carlson
Thomas Oles
Richard Weller
Jenni Zell
Richard Weller
Paul A. Rodgers +
Craig Bremner


“The Evolving Design of Our Life”
“In Conversation with Winy Maas”
“Playing in Public: The Politics of Game Design”
“In Conversation with Paola Antonelli”
“Warning Signals”
“Design as [Re]Assemblage”

“In Conversation with Andrés Jaque”
“Perspectives on Beauty”
“In Conversation with Anthony Dunne + Fiona Raby”
“Lettering the Land: Design as Pattern(ed) Language”
“The Hinterlands: Designing at the Intersection of Continuity and Change”
“Walk That Line”
“In Conversation with James Corner”
“A Report to an Academy”
“Terrarium: The Ultimate Design Experiment”
“A is for Anthropocene: An A–Z of Design Ecology”

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Tatum L. Hands
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Colin Curley

Tatum L. Hands
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