Published: Spring 2020

VITALITY is liveliness, but without health, vitality is just mechanistic. In this issue of LA+ we explore how design can improve the health and vitality of people, cities, systems, and landscapes.

Tatum L. Hands +
Richard Weller
Sara Jensen Carr
Mirka Beneš
Chuan Hao Chen
Colin Ellard
Julian Bolleter
Billie Giles-Corti,
Jonathan Arundel +
Lucy Gunn

Clay Gruber
Mindy Thompson Fullilove
Richard Weller
Colin Curley
Jake Boswell
Andrew Gonzalez
Richard Weller +
Billy Fleming
Christopher Marcincoski
Mark Kingwell
Ellen Neises


“Corporeal Ecologies”
“Doctor's Orders: Health and the Renaissance Garden”
“Habits of Vitality”
“Drawn to Life: Desire and the City”
“Sheikh-Down: Placemaking in Dubai”
“Designing Healthy, Livable Cities”

“A Rural Undertaking”
“What Happens Next”
“In Conversation with Jane Bennett”
“Disgustingly Vital”
“On Human Plasticity”
“Vital Connections: Designing Ecologocial Networks”
“In Conversation with Rob McDonald”

“Tokyo’s Landscape Future”
“Human All Too Human”
“ In Conversation with Sierra Bainbridge ”

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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Colin Curley
Nikki Chang 
Colin Curley

Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Lindsay Burnette
Christine Chung 
Farre Nixon
Lujian Zhang 

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