Published: Fall 2021

LA+ CREATURE documents the results of the LA+ CREATURE international design ideas competition, which explored how we can use design to open our cities, landscapes, and minds to a more symbiotic existence with other creatures. As well as showcasing a large selection of incredible designs, LA+ CREATURE features interviews with jurors Timothy Morton, Kate Orff, Jennifer Wolch, Andrew Grant, Chris Reed, and Farre Nixon. Lori Gruen, author of "Critical Terms for Animal Studies", penned the feature essay in this issue.

Tatum L. Hands +
Richard Weller

Lori Gruen

Jury Q+A

Winning Entries






Honorable Mentions


“Creaturely Entanglements”

Chris Reed
Kate Orff
Timothy Morton
Jennifer Wolch
Andrew Grant
Farre Nixon

Niko Dellic + Ambika Pharma
Catherine Valverde, Youzi Xu + Elizabeth Servito
Feras Abdallah + Calla Rose Ostrander
Bingjian Liu, Heejung Shin + Esther Jung
Arthur Lam

Marzia Micali
Zhou Wang
Hillary Dewildt
Aroussiak Gabrielian
Dan Parker + Stanislav Roudavski
Aashti Miller, Aitor Frias-Sanchez + Joaquin Perailes-Santiago
Conor O’Shea
Huong Dinh
Sadie Imae + Natalya Dikhanov
Yiru Wang + Yun Wang

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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Aaron Stone
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“Selyin” Yi Ding

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