Published: Fall 2022

In this moment of seemingly compounding global crises and existential concerns about the future of the planet, this 16th issue of LA+ pauses to consider the values and implications of speculation. LA+ SPECULATION contains contributions from across disciplinary perspectives, which reflect on the divergent forms, values, and cultural resonances of acts and theories of speculation – both contemporary and antecedent. Whether employed as a means of influence, a method of production, a form of practice, a manner of inquiry, a way of seeing, or a motivating ideology, this issue engages speculation and the speculative as world-shaping concepts worthy of deep and critical reflection. LA+ SPECULATION is guest-edited by Christopher Marcinkoski, author of “The City that Never Was: Reconsidering the Speculative Nature of Contemporary Urbanization.”

Casey Lance Brown
Min Kyung Lee
Karen Lewis
Jonah Susskind
Adrian Hawker
Stuart Candy + Aroussiak Gabrielian

Paul Dobraszczyk
Christopher Marcinkoski
Alexandra Sankova
Javier Arpa Fernandéz
Ytasha L. Womack
Javier Arpa Fernandéz +  Christopher Marcinkoski

“Piscinarii: The Fishpond Speculators of Rome”
“The Measured Line and the Quantification of Space”
“Toward a Scientific Imaginary”
“Centering the Fringe”
“The Plane Table - A Tool of Speculation”
“Futuring: a Conversation”
“Dark Speculation”
“Subject v. Method”
“Everyday Space”
“Why? Why not?”
“Afrofuturism: Collapsing Liminal Space”
“In Conversation with Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

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Tatum L. Hands
Richard J. Weller
Christopher Marcinkoski
Colin Curley

Madeleine Ghillany-Lehar
Andreina Sojo

Helen Yuchen Han
Bosheng Wang
Zihan Zuo
Colin Curley

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