Published: Spring 2023

How can design be used to challenge the status quo, to interrupt the jargon, to disrupt and redirect ecological and socio-economic flows? LA+ Journal’s fourth international design ideas competition invited designers to take an established place and design something to productively interrupt both its cultural and spatial context. What does this mean? It means injecting something different into a given context to effect new meanings and new functions. It means questioning what design does, who it’s designed for, what it looks like, and what it means.  Issue #17 brings you the results of the LA+ INTERRUPTION design competition, as well as featuring an essay on design competition culture by Katya Crawford and interviews with jurors Fiona Raby, Martin Rein-Cano, Mark Raggatt, Rania Ghosn, and Jason Zhisen Ho.

Tatum L. Hands +
Richard Weller

Katya Crawford

Jury Q+A

Winning Entries






Honorable Mentions


“Let’s Smoke, Walk, and Enter Competitions”

Fiona Raby
Jason Zhisen Ho
Mark Raggatt
Martin Rein-Cano

Rania Ghosn

Xiangyu Liu + Chengxi Zha + Cengyuan Xu
Jake Boswell
Antoine Apruzzese + Thomas Roche + Anne Klepal

Joseph Henry Kennedy jr. + Vincent Parlatore + Hana Svatoš-Ražnjevi 
Qiutong Huang + Jingjun Tao
Jonathan Arnaboldi
Olivia Pinner + Adam Scott
Lillian Chung Kwan Yu +  Wong Oi Ling Ellena +  Zicheng Kai Zhao
Jiaqi Li + Leyi Cui
Xiaojun Zhang + Peter W. Ferretto
Eugene Ong
Yang Du + Scott Aker
Allegra Zanirato + Rebecca Billi

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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller
Colin Curley
Andreina Sojo

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