Published: Fall 2023

Drawing from diverse disciplines including philosophy, history, cultural criticism, visceral geography, urban studies, gender studies, and racial aesthetics, the 18th Issue of LA+ explores the elusive and enigmatic theme BEAUTY in relation to landscape architecture and the constructed environment. Rather than arrive at any one singular definition of beauty, within its pages, contributors challenge readers with alternative views through deep and critical reflection. What is a “beautiful” landscape today? Is there such a thing as “natural beauty”? Why do humans across the cultural spectrum concern themselves so much with the beautification of themselves, their objects, and their surroundings? Is beautification benevolent or nefarious? Is there value—economic or otherwise—in beauty, and whose interest do ideals of beauty serve?

LA+ BEAUTY is guest-edited by Colin Curley and includes contributions from Mariagrazia Portera, Luke Morgan, Gretchen Ernster Henderson, Dan Van Der Horst, Saskia Vermeylen, Sarem Sunderland, Winifred Curran, Michelle Stuhlmacher, Elsa Anderson, Libby Viera-Bland, Brandi Thompson Summers, Vincent Baptist, Adrian Bejan, Jeffrey Blankenship, Jessica Hayes-Conroy, Sanda Iliescu, Elizabeth K. Meyer, and Nicholas Holm.

 Mariagrazia Portera

Luke Morgan

Gretchen Ernster Henderson

Dan van der Horst + Saskia Vermeylen

Sarem Sunderland


Winifred Curran, Michelle Stuhlmacher +
Elsa Anderson

Libby Viera-Bland

Vincent Baptist

Adrian Bejan

Jeffrey Blankenship + Jessica Hayes-Conroy

Sanda Iliescu

Colin Curley

Nicholas Holm

“The Aesthetic Niche: Multispecies Aesthetics in Times of Ecological Crisis”

“Circe: Counter-Narratives of Beauty in Renaissance Landscape Design”

“Asphalt + Other Ugly-Beauties: a Melting Lexicon”

“Beautiful Eyesores: Ways of Seeing Wind Energy”

“Lake Sihl: Inventing a Hydroelectric Landscape”

“Getting to Just Green Enough” 

“Blackness and Beauty: in Conversation with Brandi Thompson Summers”

“Sex in the City: Panopticon or Pornotopia?”

“The Physics of Beauty”

“Visceral Beauty”

“Drawing Landscape”

“In Conversation with Elizabeth K. Meyer”

“Natural Cosmetics”

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