Published: Spring 2024

LA+ BOTANIC explores our evolving relationship with plants with contributions that reflect on the many natures and relations that are being materialized in plant conservation, botanic gardens, and botanic art today. A wide range of topics is covered, including plant conservation efforts and the challenges posed by global heating and extinction, the limited plant choices imposed by the horticultural industry, and the many representations of plants found in visual, material, textual, and architectural works. Edited by Karen M’Closkey, contributors include Giovanni Aloi, Irus Braverman, Patrick Blanc, Xan Sarah Chacko, Sonja Dümpelmann, Jared Farmer, Annette Fierro, Matthew Gandy, Ursula K. Heise, Andrea Ling, Janet Marinelli, Beronda L. Montgomery, Catherine Mosbach, Katja Grötzner Neves and Bonnie-Kate Walker.

Katja Grötzner Neves

Sonja Dümpelmann

Bonnie-Kate Walker

Janet Marinelli

Irus Braverman


Xan Sarah Chacko

Andrea Ling

Karen M’Closkey

Matthew Gandy

Beronda L. Mongomery

Karen M’Closkey

Karen M'Closkey

Annette Fierro

Karen M'Closkey

Ursula K Heise 

“The Changing Nature of Botanic Gardens ”

“Spiraling Diversity and Blank Spots in a 19th-Century Utopian Botanic Garden”

“Garden of Relation: Drawing the Climatic Intelligence of Plants ”

“Plants on the Move ”

“Green Gold: The Akkoub's Settler Ecologies ”

“The Vault Is a Bunker, The Arsenal Are Seeds ”
“Design(ed) Decay ”

“In Conversation with Giovanni Aloi ”

“Forensic Ecologies and the Botanical City ”

“Botanic Lessons from the Prairie”

“In Conversation with Jared Farmer ”

“In Conversation with Patrick Blanc + Catherine Mosbach ”

“Conceits and Constructs: Vegetal Architecture ”

“Plant Samples”

“Smart Plants and the Challenges of Multispecies Narrative ”

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