Published: Spring 2021

Almost everything that landscape architects design is ultimately for a community. Community can be the boon or bane of a project, and oftentimes both. LA+ COMMUNITY aims to explore how, over time, each of us moves in and out of multiple communities, shaping them as they shape us, and in turn shaping our landscapes and cities. We ask how different disciplines construct different ideas of community and how those communities are anchored in space and time, whose interests they serve, and what traces they leave. And we examine how—in this pluralistic, fragmented, and fluid world—designers can meaningfully engage with communities.

Tatum L. Hands +
Richard Weller 
Mark Kingwell
Garrett Dash Nelson
Julian Agyeman
Allison Nkwocha

Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard
Jos Boys
James Petty +
Alison Young
Anne Whiston Spirn
Francesca Russello Ammon
Rebecca Popowsky
Chrili Car
Zuzanna Drozdz
Erica Yudelman
Claire Napawan
Mario Matamoros


“What Is Community?”
“On the Edges of Community”
“The Intercultural City: Contact, Distance, Space, and Place”
“Design Justice Q+A with Kat Engleman, Kofi Boone, Hanna Kim, Alma Du Solier, Julian Agyeman, Melissa Guerrero + Jeffrey Hou”
“In Conversation with Paul Paton + Anne-Marie Pisani”
“On Being Excluded”
“Homelessness, Community, and Hostile Architecture”

“In Place Over Time: A Case for Longitudinal Action Research”
“Green Glue: Urban Renewal in Postwar Philadelphia”
“In Conversation with Jessica Henson”
“Patterns of Behavior”
“In Conversation with Jodi Hilty”
“In Conversation with Michael Schawrze-Rodrian”
“In Conversation with Kate Orff”
“Missing Common Ground”

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Tatum L. Hands
Richard Weller 
Colin Curley
Aaron Stone

Tatum L. Hands
Richard J. Weller
Tone Chu
Carolina Schultz
Jingyin Zhu

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