The “editor’s choice” was selected by LA+ Journal’s Editor in Chief from among the non-awarded entries shortlisted by the jury. It will be published in LA+ Journal’s LA+ CREATURE issue (Fall 2021).   


PAPER SILVERFISH | Ctenolepisma longicaudata

As our libraries and archives increasingly move toward the digital, the habitats and food sources of the paper silverfish become threatened. In this proposal, the interior of an abandoned water tower in Hamburg, Germany is wallpapered and repurposed as an “eatery” for paper silverfish, as well as providing optimal conditions of humidity and temperature for breeding. A narrow staircase at the foot of the water tower leads visitors to the main room where, surrounded by a colorful jungle of slowly decaying wallpaper, they will witness the entropic beauty of this grand feast.

  Copyright © 2018 Department of Landscape Architecture

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